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Coming soon: New multi-country N-Calculator!Special issue on nitrogen footprintsWhat's Your Bay Footprint?Beta version of the US nitrogen footprint toolNitrogen Footprints in the News

This summer, we are launching an updated version of the N-Calculator

April 2017 special issue on institutuion N footprints in Sustainability: The Journal of Record

Calculate your Bay nitrogen footprint

A new tool, developed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and N-Print scientists, shows residents of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed how their lifestyle choices affect their Bay nitrogen footprint.

A beta version of the updated nitrogen footprint tool is now available!

This update includes questions about organic food, a simplified food entry option, and information about whether your nitrogen footprint is made up of "new" or "recycled" nitrogen.

Learn about the latest N-Print developments

March 2022 update: We are in the process of updating the N-Print website! Check back soon for updated content and an all-new multi-country N-Calculator. Please note that the posted versions of the N-Calculator (original in Flash and beta N-Calculator for the US) are currently down. Contact Allison Leach ( for access to the multi-country N-Calculator that is in development or with any questions.


Welcome to the N-Print website!





Why a nitrogen footprint?

Reactive nitrogen is vital to human life; it is necessary for food production and it is also a by product of energy consumption. Too much reactive nitrogen in the environment causes a cascade of environmental problems that negatively affect human health in addition to the environment. Small changes in lifestyle choices can have a big effect on your nitrogen footprint and your impact on the environment.

What types of nitrogen footprint tools are available?

Use the N-Calculator to calculate your personal N footprint. The N-Institution tool is being designed to help universities and other institutions calculate and reduce their nitrogen footprints.